At Work: Entry 2 – Out for Lunch

Muney jolted from her desk as soon as the clock struck eleven o’clock. She wasn’t missing out on a Shake Shack burger for anyone today. It was still early, so she had just enough time to make it back to the office without any fuss. She fastened her long, tan coat and turned down the hall hoping to make it to the elevator unnoticed. Before she could even touch the button, the elevator bell dinged and the doors opened.

“Uh oh, we got a runaway!” shouted the tall, well-dressed man on the elevator.

“If you don’t hush, Bodey!” Muney hissed as she rushed into the car. “Close the door, clown.”

“Does management know Monae Freeman gon’ be gone from her desk so early? I can’t be caught harboring fugitives now,” Bodey continued, laughing as the doors closed behind her.

“I ain’t tell them, so we gotta run across the street while we still got two feet,” Muney joked. They both fell into a childish laughter.

“Sike nah, what’s good, Muney?” he asked.

“I’m cool. Where is Sarah?” asked Muney.

“Oh right, I was supposed to tell you…”

“She over at that boy’s desk again, ain’t she?” said Muney, shaking her head in amusement. The doors opened and the two headed toward the front door.

“Nah, she called out this morning,” Bodey replied. “Think she got the flu.”

“Meaning happy hour ran late,” she snickered. “Didn’t she have an interview today?”

“Glad you’re up to speed. She asked if you could cover it,” said Bodey. Muney stopped and looked at him.

“Does she remember which departments do what?” asked Muney. “I’m not in Marketing, nor HR.” She pushed open the front door, Bodey following closely behind her.

“All you gotta do is read them questions over the phone and judge the person harshly. Unless they Black. Or sound cute.”

“They gonna be judging my unprepared, Black ass. I’m an accountant so I don’t have to talk to people. That was the point,” Muney complained.

Bodey gave a slight shrug.

“So why can’t you do it?” Muney asked.

“I have a meeting at eleven thirty,” Bodey quickly answered. Muney paused her steps again.

“The interview is at eleven thirty?” Muney shrieked.

“She said you’d be mad,” Bodey giggled as he pulled out his phone. “I’m emailing you the details right now.” He was clearly amused.

“You know what,” Mundey started. “Just get in the car. We don’t even have time to run.”

“To freedom!” Bodey shouted. Bodey hopped in the passenger seat of Muney’s navy blue Maxima. She put her purse in the backseat and gracefully lowered into the driver’ seat.

“And you’re going in. I’m not standing in that line, “said Muney.

“I don’t even know why you doing all this,” Bodey began. “Girl, we work for Trust Financial. Trust and believe nobody gives a true fuck who interviews people in there. They’re behavioral based questions.”

“Nigga, I know how the interviews go. This not NASA,” Muney replied as she quickly pulled out of the parking lot.  

“Look! Don’t be trynna break my neck on my lunch break ‘cause you got a attitude,” Bodey shouted dramatically. In a lower voice, he continued “Do it on the clock so I can get workman’s comp.”

“I hate you!” Muney replied laughing. She laughed harder than she had all week. It was only Tuesday, but that was enough.

“Anyway, just add this to your resume. You know you a boss up in there anyway,” Bodey commented.

“Right. A boss with a thirty-minute lunch break,” Muney scoffed.

“Today!” Bodey reminded her. “Because of this one interview that you’re doing for our good sis, Sarah.”

“I’m gonna do it. I just hate being caught off guard is all,” she replied.

As they pulled into the Shake Shack parking lot, a silver Honda Civic coupe sped through a stop sign and around Muney’s brand new ride. The fool had just barely avoided contact with her passenger side.

Muney and Bodey let out a collective “Bitch!”

“Come the fuck on, yo!” Muney exclaimed out the window at the driver, but the car was already gone.

“You see, that’s your people right there,” Bodey said waving his hand by his head. “I know you seen them D.C. tags.”

Muney turned her head and gave her friend a look. He quickly returned it.

“Muney, I’m not playing with you today,” Bodey joked as he removed his seatbelt.

“Bodey, go get this food before somebody kills us out here,” Muney said shaking her head.

“Ard,” he replied opening the car door. “Yes, you better use that assertive voice on the phone in twenty minutes. Find us some new talent, bitch.” He closed the door and headed off.

Muney sighed and lowered her head allowing her short locs to fall to her face. She pulled her phone out of her coat pocket and read the email from Sarah.

Candidate: Jay Walker.

Muney peeked at the clock on the dash. Eleven fifteen.

“Well girl,” Muney said aloud to herself. “I hope you more prepared than I am.”